West Lothian Council Urban Parks and Open Space - Customer Survey
There are over 100 public parks in West Lothian. This survey is intended to measure your satisfaction with West Lothian’s public parks overall.

If you want a direct response to a particular issue in a particular park, for example reporting something broken and/or unsafe in a park, please use the following link instead of this satisfaction survey: www.westlothian.gov.uk/report

1) In general, how satisfied are you with public parks and open spaces in West Lothian?

2) How would you rate the overall condition of West Lothian’s public parks? (e.g. cleanliness, maintenance, etc)

3) Why do you visit West Lothian parks/open spaces (please tick all that apply)?

4) How often do you visit your nearest parks/open spaces?

5) How long does it take you to travel, on foot, to your nearest public park/open space?

6) Do you regularly travel to other parks further away from your home?

7) In general, how easy is it for you to access and get around West Lothian’s public parks and open spaces?

8) Do you feel there is a consistent quality of public parks/open spaces across West Lothian?

9) Town/village you live in

10) Name of public park you use the most

11) Please can you indicate your age category? (to help us monitor the use of parks)